Key West: Best in the US!

Those of us who live here already knew it, but the 2013 Farmer’s Almanac has confirmed that Key West is the best place in the US to spend the winter! Due to our fortunate location, we enjoy a mild, tropical maritime climate that’s just right.

Each year the Farmer’s Almanac selects a list of the top five winter cities in the US. This year’s list was based upon the highest average temperature, humidity levels, dew point, and other factors. The top three choices this year – Key West, San Diego, and Phoenix – are all places with comfortable temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Key West placed first for a number of reasons, but most noticeably because it has no known record of frost, ice, sleet or snow.

Winter residents in Key West can expect average afternoon winter temperatures in the 70s with the thermometer only dipping to a low of 60 at night. From December through April we have lots of sunshine – about 70 percent in December, rising to 83 percent by April – and receive slightly less than 25 percent of Key West’s annual rainfall total during this time period. The rain that we do have usually comes in advance of cold fronts in the form of a few heavy showers, or maybe five to eight light showers during a given month. The term “cold front” may be misleading as well, because any cold front that does blow in is modified by the warm Gulf waters flowing underneath it. In fact, our winter temperatures are typically only 15 degrees lower than our summer temperatures.

Winter or summer, there is no better place to call home than Key West. We have the perfect mix: Beautiful homes, an ideal climate, and a fabulous variety of entertainment choices throughout the year. I have been selling Key West real estate for over 30 years to people from all corners of the world, and my free relocation packet and personalized, professional service can guide you to your perfect Key West home. Contact me today by phone at Margarita Villoch, 305-304-8505, by email at, or on the web at, and come in from the cold!